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What They Have to Say

Bolonka Blessings was featured in a fantastic article and we were thrilled to be recognized for our dedication and hard work. Here is the link to the article.

Jenn and Hill



Ugo has been the most incredible blessing in our lives! Janna, Mike and their kids are loving and kind people who care for each pup as if they’re their own!




Abby is such a beautiful and very smart little girl! She gives us hours of fun and laughs and is learning very quickly. Bolonka Blessings gave her the best start in life any puppy could possibly have…KUDOS!




Bolonka Blessings is a wonderful family oriented breeder! We came for one but left with two! Janna not only helped us find our girls but helped us acclimate to puppy parenthood, provided priceless advice and we stay in touch today! She was welcoming, her family and boys are wonderful, her pups are all amazing, we just finally had to choose and love our girls so much!! We are all part of the Bolonka family!!

Luke and Niko




Janna changed our family! At the height of Covid, our college aged son who moved back home, convinced us to get a puppy. After much research he found Janna and her Bolonka’s. We were lucky enough to add. Niko to our family. Niko was trained from day 1! No accidents in the house. Was easy to tell how much love and socialization Niko received during his 1st months at Janna’s home. 6 months later after our son moved back out of the house- and took Niko with him- my wife and I couldn’t handle not having a dog at home. Luckily Janna was able to get us our own puppy, Luka. Once again simply amazing! (They are brothers from different litter). In addition our neighbor wanted a puppy as well and after recommending Janna, they also now have one of Janna’s Bolonka’s ( Niko & Luka’s nephew). Being witness to 3 of Janna’s dogs and growing up with dogs myself, I can truly say that anyone looking for a puppy can’t go wrong with Janna’s Bolonka’s. The best!!!





Lovely breeder of GORGEOUS puppies. Highly recommend, and I did literally 6 months of research and spoke to breeders all over the country before deciding on which breed in the Bichon family to get, and where to get him.

Janna is a young woman who takes very special care of the puppies she raises. She is a stay-at-home mom (lucky kids!), and the puppies are raised right in her home with her two young sons. My puppy came to me pre-socialized with children, which was a huge plus, as he is being trained to be a therapy dog for visits to children's hospitals. Whenever he sees a child, he lights up and his tail starts wagging so hard I'm surprised it hasn't flown off. He is perfectly comfortable around kids, and is nothing but love and kisses and snuggles with them. How much more perfect could it get for kids in the hospital?

Oh, and yeah, almost forgot to mention how beautiful her dogs are: I wanted a puppy with possible show potential, as I also like to show my dogs. We did our first show last month, when Ned was just 3 months old. Came home with 9 ribbons.

If you have done your research, discovered this little gem of a dog and have pretty much decided you want a Bolonka -- then don't hesitate: get yourself on Janna's list for your baby.

Joe, Michael and I

Esra, David, & Peter



As first timers, our family was a bit weary on how we would take on the challenges of raising our new pup. However, Janna was there every step of the way and was always available to help us until we were able to find our own footing! Janna's genuine love and availability for her pups are what distinguish her from any other breeders. Our Bolonka Milou has also been the sweetest little pea since we brought him into our home. From the get-go, it was obvious that he had received much love & socialization at Janna's home because of his endearing nature! In all, I would highly recommend working w/ Janna to ANYONE--and even more-so if you are a first timer! Bringing Milou into our home has been an extraordinary blessing for us!

Dwight & Clare



Thank you for bringing Mia to us earlier this year-she is a little sweetheart!




I had never heard of Bolonka dogs. A few months after the passing of our 15-year-old Maltese, we knew that we wanted another dog. Our Maltese was high strung, barked at everything, and hated people. We camp in the summer but couldn't take him with us and had to hire a dog sitter. I spent another few months researching different dog breeds, hoping to find one that didn't bark a lot, was friendly towards other dogs and kids, didn't shed much, and would make a great camping and companion dog. The Bolonka seemed to check all the boxes. I found Bolonka Blessings on the AKC website and checked out Janna's website. You can tell how much she cares about the breed by the extensiveness of her website. Janna and I spent an hour on the phone asking questions of each other to make sure Blanca was a good fit for us. And is she ever! Exactly what we were looking for. So well socialized. She keeps an eye and ear on everything but has a gentle soul and just watches dogs and people go by without making a peep and doesn't bark at all the noises she hears. Thank you Janna and your family for doing such a great job in Blanca's first 7 months of life. She has brought us so much joy and we couldn't be happier!

Darryl & Lisa



We did months of research on dog breeds and happened across Janna’s sight. We read over all the information she had available on the Bolonka breed as well as more on-line research since we never heard of the breed. Lisa and I decided the breed was what we were looking for and after many conversations with Janna we welcomed Rolo to our lives on April 14th 2022! Janna was so helpful in helping us decide on a puppy that would fit our lifestyle. Rolo is an absolute blessing. We have had him 2 months now and he does everything with us. Such a great travel buddy. So loving with everyone he meets. Training has gone very well as he learns quickly. Janna was awesome to work with from the time the litter was born we were fortunate to be close enough to visit weekly up until we brought Rolo home. Janna provided us with all the information we needed and answered all our questions on the breed. We highly recommend anyone looking for a small, loving, friendly, fun and happy breed to look into a Bolonka from Janna. Thank you so much for all you did in helping guide us to our little Rolo!!!!




Baby Groot has brought so much joy to our lives! Thank you so much Janna for being so amazing and for giving us a beautiful puppy!





Our beautiful Sophie has brought such joy to our lives since she joined our family this summer! She is very loving & super smart, and we can’t imagine life without her! It’s so cute watching her be a little watchdog, taking care of her people, and her home! We were searching for a puppy, did some research on the Internet, went to a couple of puppy stores, but just didn’t feel right with what we were finding. I have a friend who has a Bolonka from Janna, and I reached out to her to see where her pup came from. She referred me, and Janna sent me a couple pictures of this beautiful pup. We had never heard of the Bolonka breed, but after doing some research, decided this was the dog for us! We felt we could trust Janna, as all her puppies seemed to be well loved and cared for. That’s what we wanted… a puppy who was raised right at home with a family. It was the best decision we could have made even though we never met Sophie until we picked her up. We enjoyed pictures and videos that Janna sent as she was growing. The information that we received from Janna and the support we have had since bringing Sophie home has been great! I highly recommend !

Joe & Michael



My husband and I were on a trip to Italy with our best friends when we met our very first Bolonka. It was love at first sight. After meeting the dog and his owner, we decided that we loved the breed so much that we all wanted one of our own. Once we returned home, we started researching and found Janna and her family. We called and spoke on the phone and knew immediately that she was the breeder for us. She was warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, passionate, and took the time to answer any questions we had. The process was amazing and seamless. Because there was a global pandemic at the time, she offered a FaceTime meeting so we could meet her, the puppies, their parents, and see the setup for the dogs. It was perfect! One thing that was important for us was having a puppy with the right temperament that fit the pack we already had at home. Janna nailed it! Maxim is the perfect piece to our puzzle. She truly knows her puppies and their parents and is a true professional who goes above and beyond in every sense of the word. If you want the best Bolonka, Janna and her family are top-notch and are by far the best breeders I have ever worked with. They truly are the best out there and you will never regret it.





I could not be happier with my little baby Kitka; she has been the greatest blessing in my life these past few years. She is sassy yet sweet, protective yet playful. Not only are we thrilled to have her in our lives, but I can also speak to the commitment Bolonka Blessings. We are still in touch and provide regular updates for each other. If you are looking for a Bolonka puppy, look no further. I could not recommend Bolonka Blessings enough.



Jip is a perfect puppy!  What a wonderful experience.  Working with Janna is the Bolonka blessing.  I am especially happy that I picked up Jip from his birth home.  Meeting Jip’s mother and father and seeing the wonderful environment he was born and weaned in explains Jip’s wonderful personality and confidence.  Jip is well socialized because he spent his early weeks in a warm environment with his litter mates and a caring family with children.  Janna was kind enough to introduce Jip to his kennel.  When I brought him home Jip was a wonderful puppy ready to grow into a great dog.  We cannot possibly list all the things Janna did to lovingly rear Jip and all the assistance and advice she provided to us.  Bolonka Blessings is an outstanding breeder and my family was blessed to get Jip.  I highly recommend Bolonka Blessings, the ideal breeder!

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