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We ask $3800 for our puppies.

We currently have a waitlist for our next litters in 2024. We are looking at a year wait for a puppy. If you would still like to be on our list please contact me. Thank you for your consideration.

Our Reservation lists are open


Lollypop x Rhen

wavy coats  fawn & black coloring  6-12 lbs.

Spring 2024

Lily x Rhen

wavy coats  black coloring  6-12 lbs.

Spring 2024

Violet x Rhen

wavy coats  fawn & black coloring  6-12 lbs.

Summer 2024

Adopt a Loving Puppy to Your Home

Going through a puppy adoption is the most important, and fulfilling decision you will ever make. At Bolonka Blessings, we have the perfect dog for sale that your family will love. There are the many reasons why a Bolonka would be perfect for your family, for starters, they are:

• Playful • Smart • Inquisitive • Social • Loyal • Sweet • Perfect Companions • Great With Kids and Other Animals • Hypoallergenic

The final payment needs to be made at least 10 days prior to shipping. If you are picking up your puppy, we request you bring cash with you to pick up your new little fur ball.



We will not be breeding anymore this year. Please reach out for 2024 litters.

Lollypop x Rhen

2024  $3800

  1. Reserved

  2. Reserved

*reserved may change based off average litter size of 2-4

Lily x Rhen

2024  $3800

  1. Reserved

  2. Reserved

*reserved may change based off average litter size of 2-4

Reservation Process & FAQS


Please keep in mind that our goal is to find the perfect match for you.
This means puppies undergo temperament and personality testing before being placed in their furever home.

Step 1

Start by applying for a puppy through our application page.

Step 2

Once approved, review the pet contract and pay a reservation fee to be added to our reserved list

Step 3

Puppy selections will be in the order the deposits were received



Please complete an application and indicate sex and color of the puppy you are looking for; please state "no preference" if you're not set. We screen all applications and communicate with families regarding their status. A $500 reservation fee (credited toward purchase price) is collected to confirm your selection order. Once a litter is confirmed we notify all families of our expected delivery date. Within a week following the birth of a new litter we will send out a "pupdate" with the birth announcement. Families who would like to proceed with placement must respond with their intent to proceed or delay for a future litter. Reservation fees are non-refundable but may be transferred for up to 3 litters, unless agreed upon further timeline. We send weekly pupdates which include updated photos of each puppy. Puppies are ready to go home at 10 weeks old following their puppy evaluations and litter exam. Any remaining balance is due at or before pick up.


  • First vaccinations and deworming series as documented on a provided health record. Deworming & First vaccinations are administered in my home.

  • Chip already placed and registered with your information primary, my information secondary.

  • A 1-2 day supply of puppy food. We feed Orijen Puppy Food. 

  • Sample of NuVet Vitamins

  • Health exam via certified veterinarian.

  • A blanket with the scent of his/her mother and littermates.

  • Feeding instructions, training tips, puppy pack & lifetime support!


We do meet and we do ship. We prefer that pups are flown with you in the cabin versus flown in cargo. You will incur all charges for flying to us and flying home with the puppy. If I am to drive to drop off the puppy to you there is a deliver charge associate with it of $30 per hour. We wholeheartedly believe it is important for potential families to meet our dogs, our family and the littermates, but understand it is not always possible.


The general answer is "no" but we have some flexibility. We offer boarding for pups who need to stay a little longer at the rate of $100 per week. The first 16 weeks of a puppy's life are the most important for development, socialization, bonding and imprinting. The first 4 weeks are spent with their littermates and mother nearly 100% of the time. After 4 weeks, the dam will begin spending less time with her pups but will sleep with them and regulate play consistently until they reach 6 weeks old. At 8 weeks I begin introducing pups to crate training. By 10 weeks old they are completely independent and ready to bond with their new family.
There is some flexibility with the date of pick up but it must be approved in advance.

Retired Adult(s)

When retiring an adult from our program it is very hard to let them go. Below you will find those adults that are looking for their retirement home. We are even more picky with this placement as these have really become family.

If you do not fill out the application you will not be considered.

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