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Bolonka Puppy Yawn


Please complete this application in its entirety. Your responses are not used as a method to screen out potential families but as a tool to gauge your preparedness, commitment and level of knowledge. As a breeder this will help me identify areas that may require further discussion and/or education. My commitment to my pups is lifetime and I request the same from prospective families.


contract 1.jpg
contract 2.jpg
contract 3.jpg
What is the best way to contact you?
Do you agree to notify me if you need to rehome the dog for any reason? I require that the dog comes back to me!
Do you understand the coat maintenance needed for this breed?
Choose which you are interested in
Do you understand that I sell puppies with limited registration on a spay/neuter contract? Unless otherwise dicussed
Have you ever met a bolonka?
Are you willing to take the puppy to training classes in your area for the ideal behavior?
If dog is for pet purposes, I require a copy from the vet of the spay/neuter before any paperwork is released. The toy breed can live up to 17 to 20 years. Life changes can occur, are you willing and able to commit to your new dog for that amount of time?

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you shortly.

contract 4.jpg
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