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Puppy Walking


At Bolonka Blessings, we want to make sure you are prepared to get started with our puppy raising information. It is always best to have everything you need before your puppy comes home. Please do not take your new pup to any pet store until they have had all of their shots. Also, please keep them away from pet parks, rest stops, or fast food restaurants. These are also places they can pick up germs prior to having all their shots.

When you get your pup, they come with a blanket that the litter mates and adults have played with. This will carry the scent from here to your home. You will also receive a sample bag of the food and your puppy's current shot record.

Bathroom Information

We recommend having disposable potty pads to use for their crate and during travel. If you are traveling to pick up your puppy, we suggest that you bring paper towels and wet wipes to clean up any messes. Also, some bags to wrap and throw away and gifts the pups may give you.

Things for Your Puppy

• Dog Food • Medium Wire Crate and Soft Bed • Collar/Harness and Leash • Nail Trimmers • Les Poochs™ Green Wire Brush • Best Shot™ Pet Shampoo and Conditioner • Nuvet™ Supplements • Nylabone Toys, Chew Toys, Kong™, and Rope Toys • Food and Water Dish • Healthy Treats • Potty Pads

Nuvet™ Information

You are able to order directly from their online store. We prefer the pills to the powder. My order code is 397580, and you will need to order it directly. We suggest using their automatic shipments because it is cheaper. Call them for ordering information at 1-800-474-7044

First Night Home With Puppy

The first night home with your new puppy is a happy time, but can also have its challenges. It's the first time your puppy has spent the night away from his mother and littermates. Because puppies are usedd to being with their siblings, your puppy knows instinctively that being separated from them is not a comforting experience. Whining and crying at night is your puppy's way of calling for them to be near him.

Put up any food or water after six or seven o'clock to make sure your puppy is empty when it's time to sleep. Or, you'll be making trips to the bathroom all night, or worse, your puppy might go in the house.

You want him to be tired enough to sleep soundly so play with him before bed. Try not to let him nap within an hour or two of bedtime he could think it's time to play instead of sleep. Before bed, take your puppy outside so he will go. When he does praise him and bring him back inside. This reinforces good behavior and begins the house training process.

Boy and Puppy Playing

Where Your Puppy Should Sleep

Letting your puppy sleep in your bedroom reduces the chance of whining or crying at night. Also, the constant contact throughout the night helps your puppy adjust to you, establishing you as the new leader. Allowing your puppy to sleep in the bed with you at an early age is a difficult habit to break. For crate training, it is best to put the crate in your room and use that area to confine him while he sleeps. Puppies usually won't relieve themselves where they sleep, but they may go during the night if they have the opportunity to wander around.

As a last resort, you can keep your new puppy somewhere other than your bedroom. Make sure you puppy proof your house first and put a sweatshirt or other article of your clothing with him for your scent. A ticking clock or a radio set to a low volume can also help soothe a puppy for their first night home. Households with multiple pets should only let their animals sleep together after properly introducing a new puppy to the other pets.

Stopping Your Puppy from Whining Or Crying at Night

When your puppy starts crying at night, he might have to go to the bathroom or he's looking for attention. If he's been quiet for a few hours and suddenly starts to cry or whine, he may need to go out. Puppies have small bladders, so you'll likely have to take them out at least once during the night. A good rule of thumb is to add one to your puppy's age in months and that's generally how long he can go without a trip outside. So a two-month-old puppy can wait three hours. That means your puppy will probably need to go out at least twice during the night.

If your puppy keeps crying after you make sure it's not the bathroom, reach down and soothe him a little. Don't be too quick to give in to your puppy. This will only reinforce the behavior and he'll cry even more. If all else fails, ignore him. Tough love may be difficult, but he will learn that crying at night gets him nowhere. The more persistent you are in your approach, the quicker the situation will be resolved. If you're stern one minute and sympathetic the next, your puppy will only be confused and his behavior will continue.

What If I Have Questions Later?

We are fully committed to providing information about puppy care and the health of every one of our puppies. Being available to answer your questions, in a timely manner, is important for building a relationship between you as a trusting customer and us as a reputable breeder. Please feel free to call, email, or text us regarding any questions that may arise.